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There has been a lot of adventure these past 3 years. One of them was coming to the realization that this moniker, Alice Argyros, has served its purpose. Alice was a name I borrowed from my grandmother in order to capture a fraction of her red high heel, seamstress, world traveling, entrepreneurial spirit. It was a name I hid behind to heal myself and lick these battle wounds of depression.

It was also an attempt to distinguish a personal life of my own, and a professional life towards being an artist. To which I think I only succeeded in dividing myself into 100 pieces and making a mess of things. But like all artists, the workspace is terribly disordered with the final masterpiece leaving no hint of the disarray behind it.

Alchemy is the desire to change and through these trials I’ve come to the understanding that there was no need to change all along. It was 33 years of following whatever peaked my interest that molded me into this mongrel of many skills.


Get ready to hear more about who I am as a merged soul and not just the side of me as a jeweler. What can you expect to see from me? I present to you a list:

  • World adventures

  • Traveling chef

  • Welder

  • Jeweler

  • Business owner (The Hot Spot)

  • Teacher

  • Crafter/Maker

This website is here for now but it will soon transfer to Keep following me on Instagram as things develop further!