Hello World

First post on a new website. I guess I'll talk about Philippus Von Hohenheim, a physician, philosopher, botanist, chemist, and astrologer. 

Philippus, better known as Paracelsus, was a bit of a rebel, tramp, and a badass. He completely rejected the popularly held views at the time that stars and planets controlled all parts of the human body, and the cursed malady didn't happen because of evil spirits or wrath of God. He also made it a personal conquest to attack idiotic medical malpractices, the practitioners who followed them, the ancient books that taught them (had a big bonfire-it was great) and scholars who cared more about their title than broadening the medical horizons. He lectured in German instead of Latin so that the common man could attain more medical knowledge. It was also noted by him that the common man had "more dignity and common sense" than the stale teachings of major medical scholars of his day, including Aristotle.

Grand contributions to the medical field from him include the necessity for sterilization and keeping the wound clean. A common remedy for wounds in his era was packing it with dung to stop it from leaking. Yeah. Paracelsus kicked that shit to the curb. He stated "If you prevent infection, nature will heal the wound all by herself," except syphilis. Syphilis was his breakthrough affliction that he discovered much about; noting that it is only contracted through contact and can be treated through measured doses of Mercury. He also made it known that remedies were specific to the illness and there was no cure-all salve, balm, or pill.