Art.Downtown 2016: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the artist

It's that time of year where once again we pray to the God of Craft for a good show and to the God of weather for some God damn sunshine...

It always rains.

Art.Downtown none the less still becomes the fabulous afternoon of free trolly rides and people wandering the streets, hopping from one transformed gallery space to the next. The local artists of Grand Rapids really get to flex their wings with re-defining the idea of art to the community and even stretching our own boundaries of what art is to ourselves. Which is why I am particularly excited to be an artist (and only an artist) in this years show.

Amidst trying to keep the new studio space up and running fluidly this past year, somewhere along the drift I forgot to keep true to my own artistic needs. Luckily, a few good studio members sent some unwitting inspiration and a wild hair up my ass to get me into a groove. Like the temptation of cake to my inner fat girl, having Peter Antor in the studio all summer and seeing his designs sent my brain craving the sweet dark look of sulphur, silver, and flame. The ever bubbly Heather also kept me in good spirits and was always encouraging. Mostly because she was constantly in the studio kicking out piece after amazing piece. I should be doing that. Then there is Ash, the colorblind asshole we've all come to love, and is renowned for his honest and forthright criticism whether we want it or not (and mostly never pertaining to our craft).

After the rubble of re-defining myself, I've finally come to terms with the kind of artist I would like to be. This is essentially cutting the fat and trimming all the bullshit. I don't belong in craft fairs, I hate people. Or I should say I don't always do well with them. It's draining to explain things. Aesthetically, It was a huge relief taking my art to a more specialized and inventive genre of jewelry instead of trying to appeal to the masses. This also included the change in price points. I regret nothing. In short, i'm doing what I want to do. I'm in control of how I want to do it. And, it's at a pace where I can figure out the spaces I do belong instead of getting stressed out at every damn situation I put myself into because that's what I feel I should be doing as an artist.

So here we are, Art.Downtown. I've created three fun pieces to showcase my re-emergence as the jewelry artist that I am. These pieces have been so much fun and can't wait to see them at Parliament the Boutique on Division come Saturday, April 9th. It's a little spacey and a little punk, but I think it will be just fine.

Hope to see you there!