Welcome Back.

We've all done it. Started reading a good book, we flip through pages as the story shifts from intensity to monotony and back again. Before we realize it we're 20 pages ahead of ourselves and failed to pick up on any the details. With books, we're able to flip back and re-read. With life, I guess we can only stand back and reflect. 

The world has gone almost one full rotation around the sun since I've last posted and have felt every bump and turn it's thrown at me. Rare birds like me can enjoy the thrills of new things both chaotic and painful to the exhilarating and adventurous. New experiences have ways of making life slow down...just a little. When we are young, everything is so new that hours feel like days as we struggle for summer break to arrive. Now we ask where our winters have gone. 

This year has certainly been all of the above. Good ol' strife and self discovery.

As I bid myself to reflect on these moments, i'll share a moment from this past summer. A good one, to kick off the new year. 


Justin and I landed in Grand Marais just as the sun was completely blanketed the horizon, casting a purple haze over everything. Our motorcycles parked at Lake Superior Brewing, we walked straight out to the closest bench overlooking the inlet. We talked over plans for what to do, where to stay. The trip thus far has been led mostly on impulse. We both needed to feel the freedom of possibility and strength from making decisions. 

We came to the conclusion of beer and food at the brewery and then sleep...wherever the fuck else. As our evening went on into the night having had the standard bar experience, we packed up on the advice of our bartender and headed to the beach. 

It was dark at this point and only relying on a couple flashlights we meandered our way from the coast to the wooded edge. Our resting place ended up near the lake next to a beached log where we made a "sand nest", of sorts, digging out pits for our bodies and piling on the layers of clothes and woobie blanket coverings.

The sky was clear and the wind whipped past us. The cold didn't seem so bad while we were awake and talking about the stars. But as we slept, that icy wind was ruthless in finding every crack and slight opening to blast into. At one point in the night I stopped shivering, only to discover that Justin had put his heavy leather riding jacket on top of me. It weighed down the flimsy nylon blanket allowing the heat to stay in. The comfort was outweighed by guilt when I could hear him shivering next to me. An icy blast ripped away all that good accumulated heat as I put his jacket back over him and combined our blankets to allow for some body heat to pull us through the night.

We survived. 

Grand Marai.JPG

Waking only to ourselves amongst thousands of stones along a crystal clear shoreline. The sun blasted us with it's unseasonable heat for being late September. A comfort after our icy slumber. We picked through rocks, finding the nuanced and the unique and attaching personas to them. Eventually stumbling across a fossilized rock that looked like all the swirls of Jupiter and special enough to contain a tiny pocket of druzy crystal. He spoke about how his sister's favorite planet was Jupiter. This, I thought to myself, I'll have to make something special at some point with this.

It was a feeling of being tired and yet strangely fulfilled, that led me to strip down to nothingness and run into the icy lake. The feeling of elation and icy chill putting a new energy back into this body. Vigor for the road ahead.

We packed on.

Grand Marai bikes.JPG
marai beach (2).jpg