We Build Our Own Legacy

UICA Pantone Color of the Year: Ultraviolet

April 6- July 29 2018

Space, technology, and exploration of new beginnings. My line for 2018 utilizes old passions in new ways. In this series, I use color, illustration, and enameling- a powder coating heated onto metal for a glass-like finish.


To gain new ground and make discoveries, there is a risk involved. The potential for something to be lost or forever changed. For the better, or worse. This is a reality of women entering certain professions. Heralded as tokens of diversity in our field leads to feelings of alienation and isolation. We're present, but not heard; Crushing the individual under the gravity of surviving the field as a minority while advocating for diversity and inclusion. How do we change our environment? Do we have to change ourselves in order to survive?