Are all sales final?



How long does it take to get my order shipped?

Packages will usually ship in 3-5 days.


Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes. Certain parts of the year can be exceptionally busy and I may have to decline. I'm usually pretty excited to take on new and meaningful projects for people. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure it fits my current personal aesthetic. 

2. Please no images of another artists work that you want me to recreate. That artist can do it better and you should pay them what they ask.

3. Custom work will require some down payment and a commitment. If you're absolutely sure you want to move ahead, please contact me!


Can you make a duplicate of your jewelry for me?

Maybe. One of the best quotes from another metalsmith was that a piece can be the first of a kind, though not necessarily one of a kind. Artists work is a constant evolution and can be like snowflakes, if you enjoy a particular design then i'd be more than happy to replicate a piece in a similar style. 

There are some jewelry designs I enjoy making though, and so I keep them in production.  However, If it was something from a collection in a gallery that was sold, that person bought it knowing that it was unique and one of a kind from the artist. 


I lost 1 earring, can I get it replaced?

Maybe. Depending on my time frame. This will entail the other earring being shipped back to me and the cost will be the price of 1/2 the original cost + 15% and then extra for shipping.


I prefer to purchase things from a physical shop and not online, where can I go to get your jewelry?

Green Lion Studios 

Parliament the Boutique

Honest to Goodness Tattoo and Piercing

Both are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and are both filled with awesome people with amazing talents who happen to house some of my jewelry. Check it out for yourself if you are ever in the area!


Do you resize/repair jewelry?

Not really. Some of it just can't be re-sized. 

My jewelry isn't so delicate that it can't handle normal wear. Because of that I don't take repair work back unless it was a flaw on my part. In which case please feel free to contact me!


I work in a prestigious field of media, can I pay you in exposure?

No. Go away.